Bachelor of Business Administration


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four years’ degree program that offers the fundamental concepts required in today’s business world. The program is tailored around the basic areas of business, management, economics, marketing, accounting, and finance. It trains students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the global business environment. Furthermore, the students will be guided by high ethical standards to operate in the local business environment. A distinctive feature of the BBA program is that it incorporates within the curriculum major an emphasis on the development of students’ fundamental learning skills, for example: reasoning and quantitative abilities; as well as communication and computing skills which they will need for responsible leadership roles in their careers.




Program Objectives

The EIMS objectives specify the intellectual and behavioral competencies that graduates should possess and that provide a foundation for their future professional and personal development and success. Learning goals are general statements, so a number of measurable program objectives are also established for each goal.

1. Critical Thinking and Decision Making:
Learning Outcome: Graduates must be able to use analytical and reflective thinking techniques to identify and analyze problems, develop viable alternatives, make effective decisions and apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques in solving business problems.
2. Effective Communication Skills:
Learning Outcome: Graduates must be able to draft effective business documents and prepare and deliver effective oral business presentations using a variety of appropriate technologies.
3. Ethics and Sustainability:
Learning Outcome: Graduates must be able to identify and analyze ethical conflicts and sustainability issues involving different stakeholders in order to develop viable alternatives and make effective decisions relating to business ethics and sustainability.
4. Core Business Knowledge and Competence:
Learning Outcome: Graduates must be able to demonstrate competency in the underlying concepts, theory and tools taught in the core undergraduate curriculum.
5. Effective Teamwork and Leadership Skills:
Learning Outcome: Graduates must be able to work effectively in teams and understand group processes, leadership, conflict, power and culture in organizations.
6. Industry Focus:
Learning Outcome: Graduates must be able to understand the dynamics of local industry and understand business as an integrated system and apply strategic planning tools to coordinate among the functional areas.
7. Global Perspective (Internationalization):
Learning Outcome: Graduates must be able to identify and analyze relevant global factors that influence decision-making and develop viable alternatives and make effective decisions in an international business setting.

Department of Management Science envisions its success in the sustainable contribution that it will make to the industry, academia and research in public and private sector. EIMS will lead by providing professionally competent and ethically conscious human resources engaged in the global and local context to foster socio-economic growth and sustainability for the society. EIMS envisages having faculty with high research potential and a deep desire for cutting edge research including collaboration with national and international partners.

Being a research-oriented and student-centric business school, we emphasize research publications in impact journals as well as state-of -the-art learning methodologies.  We will prepare our students to become the future ethical business leaders and the guiding post for the society, while equipping them with the knowledge and skills required by world-class professionals.  We will be the leading choice for organizations seeking highly talented human resource. EIMS will foster internationalization with key stakeholders and actively work to exchange best practices with business schools across Pakistan through collaborations, workshops, conferences and other means.

Duration: 4 years (8 Semesters)

Credit Hours: 138

Entry Requirements:

Minimum 45% Marks in Intermediate / A-Level or equivalent and no 3rd division in Matriculation

50% Marks in NTSEIMS entry Test (Arithematics and English)

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