About us

About us

EMAAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & SCIENCES (EIMS) has been established via Sindh Act No: XXXV of 2018 and recognized by HEC (Higher Education Commission) as Degree Awarding Institute. EMAAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & SCIENCES (EIMS) has been established for creating leaders and developing the best professionals in every arena of life. It is our motto to impart the best quality education to the people of Pakistan. We have determined to play a pivotal role in rebuilding the educational foundations of our country on the basis of following visionary principles;


We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Providing state-of-the-art campus building in order to create congenial academic environment.

Hiring the highly qualified, profoundly experienced and veteran faculty members, who will uplift the standard of education and transform the students’ lives.

Bridging the gap between the Corporate Sector and the Educational Institutes/Universities so that education of relevance can be provided in order to cater to the national as well as international needs.


We believe that curiosity is at the heart of every academic pursuit. A desire to learn, the courage to question and a passion for discovery are present in everything we do. We encourage students to dream, to think critically, creatively, and insightfully, and we engage in their own lives, their communities, and the world.


Provide superior undergraduate and graduate programs that are technology-enriched and responsive to the needs of students and the evolving workplace. Prepare young people to find their place in the world.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

  • To provide a congenial learning environment with important facilities to students so that they can acquire knowledge in the most pragmatic way.
  • To produce leadership at the global level.
  • To eradicate racial, ethnic, cultural, political and religious diversity among the young generation and cultivate ethical, moral values and tolerance among them so that they can become good human beings along with professionalism.
  • To develop professional ethics in the students so that they can cope up with challenges of practical life.
  • To make education affordable for everyone so that every citizen can benefit from our institute.
  • To provide all modern era teaching techniques and facilities for better learning.
  • To offer high quality programs to business organizations for staff training and management development to enhance corporate productivity and efficiency.
  • To impart quality education that can transform the living standards of the people and help them to lead their lives as successful professionals and responsible citizens.
  • To explore the frontiers of knowledge through independent research, as well as in collaboration with other entities in business or education having similar goals. To establish a ‘Research & Development’ Centre which explores the secrets of triumph in every arena of life.
  • To prepare students in order to cater to national and international organizational requirements and build leaders of tomorrow who have the ability to think laterally critically and tolerate cultural, social, linguistic, ethnic, religious and racial differences.
  • To establish ‘Job Placement Centre’ for professional grooming and training of the students and helping them to acquire better employment opportunities.