Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

EIMS has developed the Computer Science Program with the primary intention to develop the students’ lateral professional thinking and intuitive skills. The curriculum has been formulated with a balanced mixture of theory and practical experiences at initial and advanced level to equip the graduates with professional core competencies so that they can cater to the challenging needs of corporate sector of computer science in national and global scenario. Consequently, the graduate will be able to achieve the significant positions in both private and public sector organizations at development and planning levels. In short, graduates will be able to assimilate the following outcomes as a basis of a successful academic Program in Computer Science:


  1. The Program will incorporate deep insight via introducing concepts, theory, and techniques.


  1. Intensive education/training in focused areas of Computer Science


  1. The Program will galvanize students to develop and use abstract models in addition to apply respective technology in practical situations.


  1. Computer Science graduates require special communication skills both orally and in writing. They will be able to produce well-organized reports, which clearly delineate objectives, methods of solution, results, and conclusions for a complex task.


  1. The Program has been designed to provide formal foundations for higher learning.


  1. The Program is dynamic and flexible enough to maintain currency with the latest scientific and technological developments in the field.


  1. The Program has been formulated in order to provide professional orientation to prepare students for industry.

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